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YASSER is an experienced entrepreneur, events producer and nonprofit specialist trusted by global brands for many years.  He is the founder of YO Synergy and a music enthusiast born in Santo Domingo, D.R.. An honorably discharged US National Guard infantry soldier, Yasser also serves as Vice President of the Board at GiGi's Playhouse Miami.


  • Instagram - Cityzen_y
  • YouTube - Yasser Samil
  • Facebook - Yasser Samil

South Florida born OYUKI is the co-founder of YO Synergy.  She specializes in brand design, community events, merchandising and vegan culture. Oyuki's creative routines include cooking, singing, modeling and acting. 

  • Instagram - Yukaaamonster
  • SoundCloud - Yukaaamonster
  • YouTube - Yukaaamonster
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