YASSER is an experienced entrepreneur, events producer and nonprofit specialist trusted by global brands for many years.  He is the founder of YO Synergy and a music enthusiast born in Santo Domingo, D.R.. An honorably discharged US National Guard infantry soldier, Yasser also serves as Vice President of the Board at GiGi's Playhouse Miami and is a member of the Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Committee of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame.  


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South Florida born OYUKI is the co-founder and Marketing Director of YO Synergy.  She specializes in digital marketing consulting, branding, design, social media management, merchandising and events production. A proud vegan and nutritional advocate, Oyuki's creative routines include cooking, singing, modeling and acting.  Her team at MASS District ensures the quality production of Fort Lauderdale Art Walk, Veg Night Out, Sunny Side Market and other family activities for the community.


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